Signs of Water Damage in Your House

Having water damage can be so annoying as it imposes a lot of problems and issues to your house and your family. Aside from the fact that experiencing it is very inconvenient, you will also see yourself spending more and more on repairs and replacements. This is why it is very important to fix the damage and the issue before they get worse. Some of the homeowners are overlooking these things, and end up having headaches at the end of the day when the situation has already worsened.  

Determining the manifestation or telltale signs of water damage before finally calling water damage restoration Charlotte NC is a very helpful technique in avoiding future repair costs and replacements. So, in this article, we will give you some of the telltale signs of water damage so you can avoid these future problems. 

1.You experience changes in the ceilings, floors, and/or walls 

we sometimes overlook some of the most common signs of water damage, which include bubbling paint or wallpaper, peeling paint, or the like. When this is not given attention, this worsens and becomes bloated or swollen that they might warp. In severe cases, your ceilings and walls would feel spongy.  

When it comes to the floor, the carpet may feel soggy and spongy. If you have installed ceramic tiles, they might show some signs of molds and grout and might even leave some cracks.  

2.Molds and stains  

When you see some difficult stains and molds, they are definitely some signs of water damage that could either happen in your walls, ceilings, and floor. The mold often develop in areas that are damp, while stains develop on areas where there is a consistent water leak.  

When it comes to the stains, they are visibly yellowish-brown color and can expand in different sizes and shapes, typically originating in the leaking spot. These stains are commonly found in bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, and other areas that use water or contain pipes.  

When it comes to molds; they thrive in a dampened area and can cause several inconveniences. You can have some respiratory and skin allergy because of the presence of the molds, or cause your eyes to become red. They can even grow out of sigh especially on your carpet. So, it is important to have regular cleaning sessions to remove these potential pathogens. Molds can be grey, green, blue, or black, so watch out for these microorganisms.  

3.Musty odors 

Atypical odor anywhere you are could be a sign of water damage. What is this smell? The smell is similar to a wet newspaper or cardboard and becomes strong in places or its origin. The area would also feel deepen and humid. So, if you notice some musty odor, check your house for potential water damage. 


There are a lot of reasons why you need to check your house for water damage especially when you are already experiencing some of the signs that we mentioned here. Do not wait for the situations to worsen and call a professional help right away to check and give solutions.